About Us

About Us

There is an African proverb that until the Lion learns how to write, every story will glorify the Hunter. At the Densu Online Marketplace we write our own stories, our objective is to provide a unique online platform for the best of black talent. 

We aim to empower talented Black professionals to display their passion and unique products. We provide the platform for our people to write their "own stories”. 



The Beginning of The Black Business Empire  

Densu was born in October 2016 in Manchester, United Kingdom to fill the need for an online community where unique Black Talents and Businesses could sell their products, creations and merchandise to the Black Market.  

 At the Densu Online Marketplace, we cater for everyone; from your Aunty who doesn’t have a clue how the internet works to your tech savvy cousin who wouldn’t stop snap chatting.

What is Densu

Densu is a black marketplace where people around the world connect to buy and sell products they wouldn’t otherwise find easily. Our mission is to bring the black culture closer to our people.

Our Mission

  • Become the best online platform for our customers: To become and showcase the finest of black talent within the UK by providing a platform to our own.
  • Build a Framework for our customers: build a frame that encourages trust, and empowerment for our customers. 
  •  Provide the Best Services and Products to our Customers: To provide the best services and products to our customers.


 Key Successes

  • Unlike our competitors such as Amazon and eBay, we focus exclusively on the Black Businesses and Consumer.
  • Provide a one-stop shop for niche products such as Kente, Ankara etc which cannot be found on the high-street.
  • Utilising the power of social media and unorthodox marketing, we aim to be cheaper than our competitors by only charging our customers when products have been sold.
  • Utilising our expertise, we don’t only utilise mainstream marketing but also utilise target marketing through Black Radios, TV and newspaper.